The Search & Match Service of WMDA seeks to be a service that understands the needs and aspirations of people with disabilities and will ensure that there is no discrimination on the grounds of disability to members of the public whom we serve. We are committed to equality of opportunity for all and aim to provide access for users with disabilities.

The Search & Match Service of WMDA is committed to making itself accessible to all elements of the community and will endeavor to provide appropriate facilities and assistance for users with disabilities in order that they receive our highest standards of service.

Standards Compliance

In order to make the Search & Match Service accessible to as many authorized users as possible, it has been built to web standards to ensure that users with disabilities find this website easy to use. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has published Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) that helps Web developers make sites accessible.

This site has been built to fully comply with Priority 1 and 2 of those guidelines, and matches many of the Priority 3 issues also. The Search & Match Service Portal is Level AA compliant.

File downloads

All files that are available for download via this website can be converted to the Portable Document Format (PDF) by using the free resource that is available from the Adobe website.

Text Size

The Search & Match Service uses relative font sizes which mean you can also override the default text sizes and set your own via the browser.

  1. In Internet Explorer, select the View menu, then Text Size, then a setting from the list of five sizes.
  2. In Firefox, select the View menu, then Text Size, then either Increase or Decrease from the menu list.
  3. In Safari, select the View menu, then either Make Text Bigger or Make Text Smaller.
  4. In all browsers, holding down the CTRL button and scrolling the mouse-wheel up and down will zoom the entire site up or down in size accordingly.


All images include the "ALT" attribute.


The primary sections of the site are always available via the main navigation menu that runs along the top of the page.